Autumn! I had almost forgotten what it was like. For weeks we were in a sort of mild summer-aftermath where I didn’t feel the need to wear long sleeves, a scarf, or mittens. Well, that time has been and gone. We’ve now thoroughly entered the realm of harsh winds, rain, and early darkness.

With the added cold, it seems insects such as flies and wasps are searching for warmer quarters. Can’t blame them really, but even with our bedroom window closed, it seems they have found a secret entrance to our home. The result: a bedroom full of flies. Zooey is up and about catching and eating them half the day, but even she cannot make a dent. Rakoo has taken to use the vacuum cleaner to fight the incoming troops, but it feels like emptying the ocean with a thimble.

We were in need of a serious solution.

So, last weekend I made the trek to the home depot store, and relayed our fly problem. I came home with a fly catcher you can hang from the ceiling. It’s looks like a piece of tape covered in glue. And I guess technically that’s exactly what it is. The idea of the trap is that flies will try to perch on it, only to discover their little legs stuck to the glue. They will sit, stuck, until they starve to death.

I hadn’t really considered the fate of the flies when I bought the device on the weekend. I was so annoyed by them, they were everywhere. When I first hung up the trap I even sat down on the bed to wait for the first fly to get stuck, with a sort of ‘that’ll teach ‘em’ attitude. (I eventually gave up though, more interesting watching paint dry). However, that night I was pleased to see three thick and a few small flies has found their way stuck to our trap. It was working!

In the days that followed it would sometimes happen that as I lay in bed, I could hear the frantic buzzing of tiny fly-wings, trying to free itself from our death trap. Some held out quite long, while others gave up more readily. Each of them doomed, even if they didn’t know it yet. Not that flies know anything. I regained new appreciation for the fact that flies are not, in fact, self aware. I tried to imagine what it would be like. Imagined just buzzing around in our bedroom, perhaps happy with having found a warm and dry place out of the rain, with plenty of crumbs, dust motes, or whatever it is flies eat, lying around. Only to then stumble upon this seemingly perfect place to have a seat, oh and look! Others seem to be sitting there as well! This must be a great spot! Only to gracefully touch down and realize to your horror that all the other flies are dead. Or struggling. But why? You find out soon enough as you try to leave this now dreadful place. Your legs are stuck. What the…. You try frantically to dislodge yourself but it only helps to worsen your situation. Now one of your wings is stuck. You spend all your energy getting free, but it is not enough. Soon you feel weak. Hunger. You sit, tired. Until the end of your days.


dying flies

Flies dying slowly. One fly was still moving as I took this pic. Note the wasp!