On Tuesdays and Thursdays we get fruit baskets delivered to the office. Everyone is allowed to have two pieces. The grapes are always the first to go. Sometimes when I come into work early the next day there will be a few apples left, and I’ll have scored three pieces.

They include different kinds of specialty fruits that happen to be in season, like plums or strawberries. This week, they included figs. I had never had a fig before as far as I knew, so I was all about trying my first fig.

I picked the darkest one because it felt less hard than the slightly purple ones, and what do you know, it was sweet! Funny fruit that, figs. After I took a bite the inside looked like the mouth of a flesh eating monster.

The inside of a fig:


I got to discussing the fig with some colleagues, and my neighbor had apparently had a less pleasant experience as he’d had one of the more purple ones and it turned out to not be sweet at all.

Now that I’ve had a fig, I think I wouldn’t be opposed to cooking/baking recipes that include them. They can be quite nice indeed.

Today is Thursday, and though there were figs again, I chose some grapes (they were big, fat, red grapes) and a tangerine. Even though I like figs now, they’re not very juicy or refreshing. Still, it’s good to try new things.

Some figs: