…move some furniture around! Or at least that’s what seems to work for me (feng shui!). My living room is much bigger now. I have curtains. I have some new cozy lamps. I did a thorough cleaning. It mostly helps give the home a sort of ‘before’ and ‘after’ feel. And after is definitely beginning to look less bleak. Admittedly it was pretty rough for a while. I found myself crying about the smallest things and honestly felt like an emotional wreck. I cried at work. I cried in the shower, cried at the vet, and most of all I cried when people looked at me all sympathic-like and asked how I was doing. Seriously people just stop. Shit’s intense.

So yeah I rode that roller coaster for a while (and there is a good chance I still am), but I do think that my outlook on life has gotten more positive. I took the standard reddit advice and started to hit the gym. What’s that saying? Love thyself before loving another? Yeah that’s currently a work in progress.

I must say that having supportive friends and family has really helped. I’ve been going out and doing things, generally distracting myself from thinking too much. I’m making plans for the future. My birthday. A short trip with my bff in September to somewhere sunny, and I’ve decided to try to turn Hazel into an adventure cat! If she’s willing, that is. Hazel has been a rock in her own way. She sleeps cuddled into my neck/shoulder at night. She’s so cute. And hell yes I am a dog person but this cat people, this cat has won me over. When the vet told me she was a bit on the skinny side I spent a small fortune on different kinds of foods and treats (with mixed results), just to get her to gain some weight.

Shameless Hazel plug:

I mean just look at that face.

Anyway, work is pretty exciting still. Things are afoot. My one sis bought a house. My other sis might also buy a house. I’m looking forward to helping them with painting and whatnot. Spring is in the air. I heard some birds twittering the other day. Life goes on.