I recently lost some weight. How, you may ask? Well, I joined a weight-loss competition on this website called dietbet.com. I found it because a girl I follow on Instagram was promoting it. Lose weight and get paid. Say what! Although the money is not my main motivator in this. No, my real motivation comes from the fact that I’m competing against other people. Real-life other people. Gotta show them US fools who’s boss! So, I did. And lost 3.5kg in the process. Go me!

However, after the bet was finished and my final weigh-in was approved, I went a little overboard. Okay, a lot overboard. I signed up for a new dietbet right away, sure, but there was a week in between. A week in which I justified eating everything my heart desired with the fact that it wouldn’t be so bad to weigh in for the next competition a little heavier because that first 1.5kg of water weight drops pretty easily. Talk about bad ideas.

Whatever my heart desired turned out to be:

  • A packet of crisps
  • A bag of cocktail nuts
  • A party mix of moam candies (what am I, five?!)
  • Marshmallows (yup, five it is)
  • Strawberries with whipped cream
  • TWO quarts of ice cream (I wasn’t happy with the first flavor I got so NATURALLY I had to get another)
  • A bag of gingerbread snaps (aka for us Dutchies, pepernoten!)

Just imagine for a second me watching Netflix on the couch, with all of the above scattered before me on the coffee table like some junk food feast. A sight to see! But the worst of it all was that I wasn’t even that hungry or really into any of the things I’d bought, I was just eating them because I felt I could, and because I remembered enjoying them in the past. It was quite a revelation to find that my body wasn’t really craving any of my previously favorite guilty pleasures. Not that I let that stop me, mind you.

In addition to all these snacks, I also magnanimously allowed myself to order takeaway. And what better to pig out on than pizza! So I picked out what sounded like a tasty pizza, and when the bell rang made sure I had room on the coffee table between all the other things to place the pizza box. When I opened the box, the heavenly smell of cheese and warm dough wafted towards me. Bliss. I sunk back into the pillows on my couch, pizza box in hand, mightily content with the world, and started munching away. I was about one slice in when I felt that there was something off about this pizza. It just wasn’t hitting the spot the way it usually does. I opened the box and looked at it. After a few seconds it dawned on me: no tomato sauce. NO TOMATO SAUCE! In my blissful junkfood state, I had managed to accidentally order a pizza ‘bianche’, aka NO TOMATO SAUCE, instead of a normal friggin pizza. God damn it. To say I was bummed out is an understatement. Sure, the cheese was still tasty, so was the ham on top and the dough, but I had to face the facts and admit to myself that I was basically eating an elaborate ham and cheese sandwich. It was just not the same, people! In fact, I daresay a pizza without tomato sauce is not officially a pizza at all!

It was a hard-learned lesson on the perils of food delivery service, and a testament to my depraved state that I actually ended up eating the whole thing.

I have since started a new dietbet. Two, actually. A shorter one of four weeks, and a longer one of six months. As you might have guessed, I signed up for the six-months one to keep scenarios such as the above from recurring. That feeling of “Yay I made it, now give me all the foods!” is just not the right mindset to have after coming off a diet, so the six-months bet will hopefully help keep me accountable.

Overall I’m glad I found out about these dietbets, contrary to the above, it does actually motivate me to live more healthily, and that in turn makes me feel great!