It has occurred to me that I probably spend a significant amount of time in my life standing in and waiting on elevators.

When I was a student, I lived on the 8th floor of a student apartment building, (though they were definitely not apartments, they were rooms). That elevator, like the building, was old and slow. People used it to take out the trash, and so it often stunk when someone had had a leaking trash bag in there. Good times.

Now, I live on the 19th floor of a 22 story apartment building. It has two elevators, and though that probably reduces the wait by quite a bit, they are both slow. But! We have a button for closing the doors to speed things up a little. Progress!

In addition, I work on the 25th floor of a 28 (?) story office building. This building actually has 4 elevators. But even though you’d expect these to be quite swift, they’re not. And I really don’t get why, because when I was staying at the Westin in Seattle, which a quick google revealed dates back to 1929, it quickly became obvious that those are the fastest elevators I’ve ever been on.

I guess overall I probably spend the majority of my time somewhere high up. I don’t mind this, I think. We have a nice view from our apartment which I enjoy, but I don’t much like waiting for elevators, or waiting in elevators, or standing in crowded elevators with people getting off on every floor which slows down the trip even more.

I’m a little hesitant to make calculations but I lived in that 8th floor apartment for 7 years, and probably took the elevator twice a day. Been living on the 19th for two years, and been working on the 25th for two years as well, that’s 4 elevators a day. Say one trip takes 3 minutes (and that’s pretty swift!), that would lead to…

7 years = 2555 days

2555 x 6 (two trips, up and down) = 15330 minutes

2 years = 730 days

730 x 12 (4 trips a day, at work and at home) = 8760 minutes

15330 + 8760 = 24090 minutes

24090 minutes = 401.5 hours = 16.729167 days.

And this is excluding all the times I went up and down the elevator several times a day!

Oh boy.

I think, after this job, after this apartment, I would like to live on a ground floor somewhere.

My good friend le elevator: