Normal Tuesday Night

This online dating stuff sure is no walk in the park. How do you explain to your match that sure, drinks would be fine, but the prospect of sitting on a train for 40 minutes to attend said drinks is making me realize I’m just not that interested. And if I’m brutally honest I’d much [...]

The Perils of Losing Weight

I recently lost some weight. How, you may ask? Well, I joined a weight-loss competition on this website called I found it because a girl I follow on Instagram was promoting it. Lose weight and get paid. Say what! Although the money is not my main motivator in this. No, my real motivation comes [...]

Woe is me: kickboxing edition

“Ri! What happened to your eye!” “What? Oh yeah, I got hit in the face… “WHAT!” “…during kickboxing!” Me at work a couple of week ago. And it gets even worse, because technically I hit myself in the face. That’s right, I was blocking my face, fists raised, when the guy hit my fist that [...]

Sweet Nostalgia

My mom's side of the family owns a house on the beach. It's situated right on the dunes so you only have to walk down to get to the beach. We've been going there every year since as long as I can remember. My great grandfather had it built in 1924, so the house is [...]

When life gives you lemons…

...move some furniture around! Or at least that's what seems to work for me (feng shui!). My living room is much bigger now. I have curtains. I have some new cozy lamps. I did a thorough cleaning. It mostly helps give the home a sort of 'before' and 'after' feel. And after is definitely beginning [...]


Ok fuck it. I know it's been ages since I've last posted a blog, and I think that this is in part due to the fact that I am secretly scared of people actually reading them. Even if that is the whole point. But in this moment I find myself not caring about that one [...]

The Call of the Void

I'm sure we've all experienced it, I know I have. That niggling voice in the back of your head while driving at high speeds reminding you that just one twist of your arm would be enough to end it all. Or that rush you get when looking down a tall building or cliff that really [...]

Stockholm: DreamLeague, Chai Lattes & Dogs with Coats

Last week I visited Stockholm for the first time. Largely due to the fact that my sister was working DreamLeague, so I could crash in her room and save greatly on costs. It was, all in all, great fun, and Stockholm has definitely gotten a warm (or should I say freezing cold!) place in my [...]

A Fly’s Demise

Autumn! I had almost forgotten what it was like. For weeks we were in a sort of mild summer-aftermath where I didn’t feel the need to wear long sleeves, a scarf, or mittens. Well, that time has been and gone. We’ve now thoroughly entered the realm of harsh winds, rain, and early darkness. With the [...]

Ode to Cheese

This is going to sound very stereotypical of me, a Dutch person raving about cheese, but I feel like it might offer some insight for people not from The Netherlands, just how much we Dutchies like cheese. I don't speak for the entire population, but I am sure a lot of Dutch people can relate. [...]