Meatball Marinara

January 7th, 2019|Recipes|

The other day I was browsing the slowcooking subreddit when the beautiful sight of a slowcooker filled to the brim with marinara sauce and meatballs caught my eye. I immediately scrolled down to the comments [...]

Normal Tuesday Night

October 30th, 2018|Blog|

This online dating stuff sure is no walk in the park. How do you explain to your match that sure, drinks would be fine, but the prospect of sitting on a train for 40 minutes [...]

The Perils of Losing Weight

September 15th, 2018|Blog|

I recently lost some weight. How, you may ask? Well, I joined a weight-loss competition on this website called I found it because a girl I follow on Instagram was promoting it. Lose weight [...]

Woe is me: kickboxing edition

August 15th, 2018|Blog|

“Ri! What happened to your eye!” “What? Oh yeah, I got hit in the face… “WHAT!” “…during kickboxing!” Me at work a couple of week ago. And it gets even worse, because technically I hit [...]

Sweet Nostalgia

July 1st, 2018|Blog|

My mom's side of the family owns a house on the beach. It's situated right on the dunes so you only have to walk down to get to the beach. We've been going there every [...]

When life gives you lemons…

March 6th, 2018|Blog|

...move some furniture around! Or at least that's what seems to work for me (feng shui!). My living room is much bigger now. I have curtains. I have some new cozy lamps. I did a [...]

Chili Con Carne

February 5th, 2018|Recipes|

Even though I like chili, I don’t eat it that often. A shame really because it’s ideal comfort food that’s easy to make and lends itself to storing leftovers. So when my boss of all [...]


January 25th, 2018|Blog|

Ok fuck it. I know it's been ages since I've last posted a blog, and I think that this is in part due to the fact that I am secretly scared of people actually reading [...]

Butternut Squash Soup

January 14th, 2017|Recipes|

I'm not a big fan of soup. Anyone who knows me probably knows that. And up until a few weeks ago, the idea of enjoying a bowl of butternut squash soup seemed not at all [...]

Utrecht: Ellis Gourmet Burger

December 28th, 2016|Review|

Introducing my first post in the review category, inspired by yesterday's restaurant visit. Everyone who knows me knows I love a good burger, and I love trying out new burger places. Yesterday we decided to [...]

The Call of the Void

December 20th, 2016|Blog|

I'm sure we've all experienced it, I know I have. That niggling voice in the back of your head while driving at high speeds reminding you that just one twist of your arm would be [...]

Roast Beef

December 17th, 2016|Recipes|

Around Christmas time the local supermarkets are flooded with prime pieces of meat that serve as delectable Christmas meals. Although for now I largely don't have to do any cooking around Christmas, I do like [...]

Stockholm: DreamLeague, Chai Lattes & Dogs with Coats

November 13th, 2016|Blog|

Last week I visited Stockholm for the first time. Largely due to the fact that my sister was working DreamLeague, so I could crash in her room and save greatly on costs. It was, all [...]

A Fly’s Demise

October 22nd, 2016|Blog|

Autumn! I had almost forgotten what it was like. For weeks we were in a sort of mild summer-aftermath where I didn’t feel the need to wear long sleeves, a scarf, or mittens. Well, that [...]

Ode to Cheese

April 17th, 2016|Blog|

This is going to sound very stereotypical of me, a Dutch person raving about cheese, but I feel like it might offer some insight for people not from The Netherlands, just how much we Dutchies [...]


April 7th, 2016|Recipes|

Tartiflette is an awesome wintery dish from the Savoie region in France. The original recipe requires a reblochon cheese. Since we go skiing in the Savoie once a year, I usually make one tartiflette a [...]

Mom’s Meatballs

March 17th, 2016|Recipes|

As a meatlover, I am a big fan of meatballs. They can be made many different ways and it's fun to try out different ingredients/methods. Back when I lived in student housing, whenever we would [...]

Ex-GF [27F] Won’t Stop Harassing Me [30M]

January 5th, 2016|Short Stories|

Background: I used to be head over heels in love with ex-GF. We met in high school and were together for almost 4 years. I thought she was the love of my life, that we'd [...]

TS: On Muffins and Cupcakes

December 16th, 2015|Blog|

A view on the difference between muffins and cupcakes as depicted by Wauro: There is a difference between a cupcake and a muffin. Cupcake dough is shitty. Only the icing is good. With a muffin, [...]

Fruitful Office

October 8th, 2015|Recipes|

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we get fruit baskets delivered to the office. Everyone is allowed to have two pieces. The grapes are always the first to go. Sometimes when I come into work early the [...]

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