Figured I’d share this basic chicken nuggets recipe, because it’s not only super easy, but it’s also much healthier than fast-food chain nuggets and you can basically tweak them to whatever you prefer.

The Ingredients:

3 chicken filet

2 eggs

1 tablespoon of herbs

What kind of herbs, you ask? Well in The Netherlands I used what is here called “chicken herbs” (kipkruiden), which is a mix of paprika, white pepper and coriander. So you could use these, however! These herbs are basically what will determine the flavor of the nuggets, so there’s room for experimenting here! I’ve heard of using Italian herbs instead, but there’s obviously a wide range of choices available. Pick your favorites! Or go with the paprika/white pepper/coriander mix.

3 tablespoons of flour

You’ll be mixing the flour with the herbs, so if you find that the herbs weren’t prominent enough, you might next time only use 2 tablespoons of flour, or 4 if you want a more subtle herb taste.


You’ll probably need about 2 bowls worth, but it’s better to have too many than too few, so don’t cut it too close with these. Also, make sure your cornflakes are unsweetened. So no frosted flakes! This is also another step where you might try improvising at some point, because instead of cornflakes you could also use chips/crisps. Even flavored ones…. the possibilities are endless!

Let’s get to work!

Cut the chicken in nugget-sized pieces. Try not to make them too thick. Mix the egg till it’s an evenly yellow mass and place it in a bowl. Mix your herbs with the flour in another bowl. In a third bowl, crush the cornflakes. It doesn’t have to be dust, just make sure they’re tiny pieces. You can use your hands for this or a fork. I used my hands and it was super easy and the cornflakes make a really satisfying crunch-sound.

Eventually your ingredients should look something like this:


I had to re-fill my cornflakes bowl halfway, I probably used two of these.

As you can see I’ve also readied an oven baking sheet, however, it’s also possible to deep fry or pan-fry these.

Now you can start making the nuggets!

Take a piece of chicken and dip in into the flour/herb mixture, get it covered completely and shake off any extra flour. Then, submerge the chicken into the egg mixture, and finally, roll it through the cornflakes. Place the nuggets on the baking sheet. Put the nuggets in the oven for 20 – 25 minutes on 200 degrees Celcius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before: After:


These nuggets obviously need some kind of sauce. They are great with BBQ-sauce, ketchup, curry-sauce, garlic-sauce or even mustard, so pick your favorite!

If you’re ever making more or less nuggets than what’s listed here, make sure that you alter the quantity of egg and cornflakes accordingly, however, you will most likely never need to increase the herb/flour mixture. (Unless you’ve got like 12 chicken filets, you know, but I’d go with the basics and only make more when it becomes apparent you’ll need it.)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and of course its results! Did you make these? If so, please let me know your feedback in the comment section! Tips and suggestions are most welcome! 🙂